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Past Projects

Since 2017, we have worked with corporates, non-profits, MOE schools and statutory boards to make holistic education accessible to every child in Singapore.

Glyph x Dymon - Glyph Culinary Bootcamp

From basic cutting & cooking techniques to workplace hygiene & safety, our budding MasterChefs picked up valuable life skills to become independent young adults. They ended with a grand cook-off, where the kids were graded on their final dish before officially graduating from the Glyph Culinary Bootcamp!


Glyph kids attended a monthly cooking class taught by professional chefs. All meals prepared were donated to a nearby elderly home. Dymon volunteers were there to guide the kids.


Glyph x Yellow Ribbon - Camp Cacti

The year-long Camp Cacti is a curated programme for children from families who are beneficiaries of Yellow Ribbon Singapore. The programme comprises a series of holiday day camps centred around personal growth and socio-emotional development. These themes are reflected in the camp’s namesake – a symbol of resilience and adaptability.

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Glyph x Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' Secondary School  - STAR 

In the Sit Together And Revise (STAR) Programme curated by Glyph, we equip students with the necessary knowledge, skillsets and strategies to cultivate a growth mindset to build confidence and motivation amongst the students to improve their academics. The Glyph facilitators created an environment that inspires and drives students to do better for themselves and to be more resilient in facing challenges.


Glyph x Big Hearts Student Care - Computational Thinking

In today’s digital age, automation and technology are increasingly replacing skills that were traditionally manually executed. As a result, computational thinking skills are becoming increasingly valuable, and today’s children need to be equipped with them to be future-ready.

Our Computational Thinking (CT) Programme aimed to prepare Big Heart Student Care's children for such a digital future.

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