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Here is what our partners have to say about us!



"We find the rock climbing programme meaningful to support. It is heartwarming to know that the kids enjoy the rock climbing sessions and that a number of them would like to continue for the long run as well, and we are pleased to watch the kids grow and build on their rock climbing skills, perseverance and confidence."

Dymon Asia

"Glyph has also been professional in putting metrics in place so that results can be measured over a length of time to see that the programmes that we sponsor are effective, and they have been diligent in helping gather feedback from both partners and beneficiaries to ensure that the programmes can be further refined to deliver more impact."

- Sharmin Foo, Head of Communications & CSR


Singapore Squash 

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 21.48.12 (1).jpeg

"The dedicated team at Glyph never fails to ensure that the children receive the utmost care and fun during various squash sessions.

Since the inception of Glyph, they have grown from strength to strength with the programs that they have, and most importantly, the consistency of the staff's dedication and teamwork to the children.

Singapore Squash is a proud partner of Glyph for the many years to come."

Benson Seow, General Manager

South Central Community Family Service Centre

"Glyph has been a reliable and passionate partner for SCCFSC.

We are proud to acknowledge and share our compliment of the team at Glyph that cares for the well being of the children in the community we serve, even during trying times.

They have been a blessing to this community through service and care."

Ruth Tan, Executive Director

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